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Karin Yvonne Böbner-Meier

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About me

Federally recognized Psychotherapist, Psychologist FSP, cert. Vocational, Study and Career Advisor FH, Emergency Psychologist, cert. Nutritionist, mother of 4 with 3 grandchildren


For children, adolescents and adults

Psychological Psychotherapy

With the following emphasis in the field of behavioral regulation:

  • in everyday life
    (Housing, relationship, work, school, family planning)
  • in psychosomatic suffering (including ICD-10)
  • in nutrition (nutritional advice)
  • and protection within intimacy & sexuality
  • in crisis & stress Management
  • in natural learning
  • of expectations around the birth & the puerperium
  • for children (play and sandbox therapy)
  • in the face of death (mourning and terminal care)


Psychosocial accompaniment & mentoring

In collaboration and triage with and for:

Couples, families, groups, teams, social security, government agencies, schools, employers and other institutions.


Career and career advice

Support and coaching on the way to your calling:

  • Clarification for training and retraining
  • Resource Oriented Lifestyle (Leisure, Sports & Retirement)
  • Diagnostics & Competency Balance
  • (out of the) burnout, with action-oriented methods
  • Per family work
  • for people with disabilities (CAP)
  • Learning support for learners (adolescents & adults)
  • Problem clarification, process development, apprenticeship search

Other on request.

Professional Occupation

Certified Psychologist FH

  • Federally recognized psychotherapist
    Independent practice, Canton Zug
    Home Treatment Psycho Therapy, all of Switzerland
  • Delegated psychotherapy
    Practice Dr. J. Marcinko, Hausen am Albis
  • Psychological accompaniment & mentoring
    Lunch Talks, Biography Walk, Accompaniment to exquisite goals in sports, EEB: Nutrition-Relaxation- Movement Around in nature a. Worldwide (www.böbner.ch), action-oriented methods.
  • Emergency psychology
    On call for private individuals, medical institutions, industry and commerce.
  • Career and career guidance
    BIZ SG: Project work and departmental management in vocational integration for people with limited ability to act, IV, RAV, Social Welfare Office, Stiftung Brändi, IV place SZ, per BIP Schlieren.

Vocational Training

  • Certified in Psychological Psychotherapy & Psychosocial Counseling OIP, Body-Oriented (Organismic-Integrative-Formative) Psychology, Center for Form and Change, Zurich
  • Dipl. Psychologist FH, certified in job, study and career advice FH ZHAW, Department of Applied Psychology
  • Social insurance specialist, KV in Baden Catechetite, Church Canton Zurich
  • Dipl. Pharma- (Operations) Assistant EFZ / FA,
    Vocational school for retail trade and SIU, Zurich

Further Education

  • Vocational training to deepen the expertise and growth as a specialist in diagnostics, emergency psychology, sexualtherapeutic work and personality processes at: SDBB, OIP, Movement Medicine, ZüPP, FSP, IBP and other institutions.
  • Certified Nutritionist SHS & complementary medical procedures at: Forum Essenzia (D), Homeopathy Einsiedeln, BIO Chemistry R. Marty, Penzel (D), Bodyfeet & Paramed Anatomy 650 hours to EMR recognition.

Memberships / Recognitions

  • Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP)
  • Cantonal practice licenses (AG, BE, BS, BL, GR, LU, SZ, TG, VS, ZH, ZG) as a psychological and body-oriented psychotherapist OIP (www.oip-zfw.com)  
  • Zurich Cantonal Association of Zurich Psychologists (ZüPP)
  • Emergency psychologist on the CareLink volunteer team