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Sailboat for therapy & training

Sailing has an extremely soothing and at the same time a very vitalizing and activating and thus healing effect, especially since all the senses are required and used. Sailing takes place in a completely different world and allows new experiences. The freedom and space on the water leaves the troubles and limitations of everyday life for a certain time in the distance and you gain a new and more comprehensive perspective. Sailing is exhausting, calming and relaxing at the same time, seemingly a paradox, whereby no passive and resting rest arises, but an awakened and present, a sort of tone-soaked ‘rest …


Sailing has many facets and you can sail in many contexts: hobby (fun and games), regatta (competition, testing and expanding performance limits) or for training and therapeutic reasons (new skills, behavioral modification and emotion regulation, etc.)


Sailing in the psychotherapeutic context affects and improves including the following areas (keywords):

  • Concentration, impulse control and executive functions such as scheduling, estimating consequences, prioritizing and so on.
  • Functional communication of the crew: team-internal communication, social behavior and cooperation / sharing of roles on the sailboat. Captain’s instructions can be followed with confidence, especially as boats and sails always provide immediate dynamic and non-verbal feedback (children and adolescents often experience an excess of verbal feedback and rebuke in the school and family)
  • Self-efficacy & control experience, programming success stories
  • Courage training / exposure training, meaning enduring new and uncertainty-generating situations in the sense of a learning process – e.g. get used to the heel / skew of the (unsinkable 🙂 ) sailboat
  • Experiencing and enduring physical and mental stress (resilience experience / exposure / habituation / virilization)
  • Rough and fine motor skills
  • Bonding with pure nature, experiencing of natural forces and physical laws
  • Broadening horizons in many ways ….
  • and much more…