Lifelong Learning

Crisis is a part of life. «Krisis» (greek) stands for «danger» as well as «chance». A crisis may point to the development of an individual and can be associated with feelings that are hard to bear: Often there is anxiety, depressive moods, aggression, feelings of emptiness or restlessness, lack of self-confidence, possibly combined with various physical problems. Psychotherapeutic support is advisable if a crisis can no longer be handled alone or with affected family members and friends. Genes alone are not the «script» of life. Personality and mental disturbances have their origin in complex co-action of the genetic makeup and the environment, where both have an influence on each other. Psychotherapy helps optimise both external as well as internal conditions for personal growth and mental health. Learning processes play a major role; they are important in all stages of life and, as has been proven, also feasible.


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